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We are the marketing agency for mid-size businesses (the Makers) and community organizations (the Difference Makers). We are deeply committed to our regional community — and to your growth and success.

The Perfect Line-Up to Hit Your Goals

Our name is Fort Wayne Marketing, but we've served clients in Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Baltimore, New York, and greater Washington DC. Our award-winning creative team has the talent to make a living on Madison Avenue, but we’ve chosen to make a life in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

As a Midwest agency with national reach, we offer fair deals, deliver real value, and strive to treat people with integrity, honesty, and kindness. It’s just how we do business.

Got a minute? That’s all it takes to gain some quick marketing insights, or just hear us dish about our favorite trends.

Our Team = Your Team

We're ready to embrace your goals as our own.

Justin Kendall
Senior Art Director

AKA: “The Creative Swiss Army Knife”

Expertise: Art direction and design

Favorite Fuel-Up: Vanilla Coke on occasion, seltzer water daily

Go-To Hobby: Workout warrior

Fun Facts: Eagle Scout and Spartan race enthusiast

Justin Cropped 1
Cora Lupardo
Digital Media & Account Manager

AKA: “Resident Herder of Cats and Aligner of Ducks”

Expertise: Audience engagement and account management

Favorite Fuel-Up: Iced coffee

Go-To Hobby: Relaxing walks around the lake with golden-doodle “Piper”

Fun Facts: Avid skydiver and former basketball coach

Cora Cropped 2 Reduced
Denali Kern
Account Manager

AKA: "Gen-Z Meets Corporate"

Expertise: Interpersonal communication and account management

Favorite Fuel-Up: Diet Coke

Go-To Hobby: Scrapbooking and Hiking!

Fun Facts: Avid movie quoter and enthused bird watcher

Denali Cropped 1
Mary Jane Bogle

AKA: “Lead Brand Storyteller”

Expertise: Content creation

Favorite Fuel-Up: French-roast coffee sweetened with raw honey

Go-To Hobby: Audiobook aficionado and student of apologetics

Fun Facts: Former seminary student and one-time resident of the Emerald Isle

Mary Jane 2 Cropped
Mike Perkins

AKA: “Senior Scribe”

Expertise: Writing and editing

Favorite Fuel-Up: Iced tea

Go-To Hobby: Reading, auto racing, or reading about auto racing

Fun Facts: Trivia maven and former newspaper colleague of Dan Quayle

Mike Cropped 1 reduced
Shelby Nave
Multimedia Specialist

AKA: “Classic Movie Maven”

Expertise: Creating and editing video content

Favorite Fuel-Up: Diet Dr. Pepper

Go-To Hobby: Youtuber and movie reviewer

Fun Facts: LA video production company survivor

Shelby Cropped 1
Aaron Jentgen
Graphic Designer

AKA: “Intern Made Good”

Expertise: Making things look pretty

Favorite Fuel-Up: Water

Go-To Hobby: Writing, performing, and recording original sound tracks

Fun Facts: Born deaf and couldn’t hear until age 2

Aaron Cropped 2
Sierra Paff
Social Media Assistant

Expertise: Content creation

Favorite Fuel-Up: Iced matcha or McDonald's Coke

Go-to Hobby: Knitting and cozy video games

Fun Facts: Majored in Dance Performance in college

Sierra Cropped
John Paff
Founder & CEO

AKA: “Resident Fezziwig and Founder of the Feast”

Expertise: Brand positioning and marketing strategy

Favorite Fuel-Up: Pepsi Zero

Go-To Hobby: Fly fishing

Fun Facts: Honeybee wrangler and reluctant ballroom dancer

John Cropped 1 Reduced
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