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Making e-Marketing Manageable

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Making e-Marketing Manageable

Objective: Understanding how to create a consistent and effective digital marketing campaign.

You know the benefits of SMS and email marketing, but the question remains, “How do I fit these strategies into an already busy schedule?”

We get it. The pressure to be an expert in everything related to your business or non-profit is real, and marketing is no exception. Want to make your e-marketing more manageable? Implementing this one tip will go a long way to keeping your campaigns consistent and effective.

Make a plan and stick to it.

The industry term for this strategy is called an editorial calendar, and it can really streamline your marketing efforts. Remember, if it’s regular, routine, and planned, it’s less stressful.

Here’s how it works. Want to send a “Check Out Our Calendar” email? Schedule it for delivery toward the beginning of the last week of each month. That way, you can highlight new events, products, or upcoming sales. Planning a flash sale? Shout out the code to customers via text three or four days in advance.

Over time, you’ll figure out what routine works best for your particular audience. Paying attention to the results of your campaigns will give you insights about your customers’ purchasing habits and help you plan a communication schedule that matches their buying trends.

Want some help with your messaging, making sure it stays on brand? Maybe you want a professional to manage, maintain, or monitor your campaign? Our team of marketing experts is ready and willing to help you develop a plan that works with your goals—and your budget!

Now is the perfect time to develop your communication plan. Getting comfortable with digital marketing and setting up your e-marketing routine now will go a long way to reducing your stress and help you stay focused on running your business.

However you proceed, just remember to stay consistent. That way, you’ll stay top-of-mind with your customers and keep them coming back for more!