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Positive Peer Pressure

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Leveraging Positive Peer Pressure to Promote Products and Drive Sales

Objective: Using peer reviews to showcase customer experiences and leverage your brand.

Requesting customer reviews is the perfect way to create touchpoints with customers who just attended an event or purchased a new product. Reviews help you understand how people rate your products and services, but they also offer you a new tool for your marketing “toolbox.”

Here are three great reasons to start requesting customer or client reviews.

Reason #1: Strengthened Credibility. It’s one thing for customers to hear you rave about new products or talk about an upcoming event. It’s quite another to hear the same information from a fellow customer. Showcasing that information in future emails or texts adds credibility to your claims and strengthens your customer relationships.

Reason #2: Damage Control. You’ve heard it before: “If you had a good experience, tell your friends. If not, tell us.” We certainly hope that no one leaves your business unsatisfied, but mistakes do happen. Giving customers a chance to share a less-than-perfect experience with you creates an opportunity to mend the relationship quickly and make course corrections if needed.

Reason #3: Discount Codes. Who doesn’t love saving money? Sending an email or text requesting a review is the perfect time to add a discount coupon for customers’ next visit. These codes give you the chance to reward repeat customers with yet another reason to return to your business once again. In short, customer reviews help you connect, correct, and promote your business and brand. Want to learn how to streamline the process? Our team of marketing experts would be happy to help you generate email and text templates to help you gather customer feedback quickly and easily. Just give us a call.