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Nick's Kitchen

Ranked among Indiana’s 20 most iconic restaurants, Nick’s Kitchen needed photos to match the quality of their cuisine.   


Taste-Tempting Marketing Tactics

Like many small business owners, JeanAnne Bailey of Nick’s Kitchen had relied on cell phone photos or snapshots provided by friends for her advertising, but the results weren’t always as appetizing as the traditional comfort foods she served — some based on recipes passed down for a century.

Fort Wayne Marketing spiced things up with the talents of a professional food photographer and award-winning designers. The result? JeanAnne has a library of images for all her best-selling dishes and an attention-grabbing digital ad at Fort Wayne International Airport.  

A Hoosier Favorite

Nick’s Kitchen has been Huntington’s destination diner for more than a century. In 1904, Nick Freienstein began selling burgers from a push cart on the courthouse square. The business prospered and in 1908, Nick moved into the present location at 506 North Jefferson.  

The son of German immigrants, Nick adapted traditional schnitzel by replacing veal with Indiana pork. The resulting breaded pork tenderloin sandwich became an instant hit!  

Professional photography and design helped Nick’s Kitchen look the part of a destination diner. Images were delivered in formats that could be used in everything from social media to highway billboards to digital airport displays.

“Indiana’s most famous contribution to American cuisine is the breaded pork tenderloin. The tenderloin originated at Nick’s Kitchen. Need we say more?”  — Visit Indiana

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